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Introducing Acumen: A daily planner powered by Calculus.

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Introducing Acumen

Your Personal Schedule Builder

Acumen is a daily planner that analyzes the level of effort and enjoyment of all the tasks on your schedule and uses a mathematical algorithm to compute the ideal amount of time that should be allocated to each task to ensure that you will be the most productive.

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Top Features

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Algorithm optimization

Our intelligent algorithm uses Calculus to compute the optimal time needed for each task, based on the effort and level of enjoyment.


With our analytics feature, you can easily see your productivity for the week, month, and year while the time tracker helps you fine-tune your habits for maximum efficiency.

Weekly Reports

Boost your week with instant insights. See your progress, celebrate wins, and sharpen your focus—all in one succinct report.

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How It Works

Check out our blog post where we dive into how the algorithm works

The Zenith Gradient Algorithm